Parenting Groups

Join a parenting group to learn strategies of successful parents.  As an independent facilitator of Love and Logic (r) curricula, A Balanced Life LLC offers two programs:  Parenting the Love and Logic way (r) and Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun! (r).

As an independent facilitator of Love and Logic (r) curricula,  I am available to schedule the group at a time and place that is convenient and meets the needs of your group.  The video-based learning comes with workbooks for each participant.

Private family parenting groups using evidenced-based practices; or, Love and Logic curricula are available for up to six adults at A Balanced Life LLC.

This group is highly recommended for parents who want to:

  • set enforceable limits
  • avoid power struggles
  • help children learn to own and solve problems
  • improve co-parenting
  • gain their child’s cooperation
  • have more fun parenting

Please call or email Jane McKinney at; phone: 816-470-9023 for more information or to set up your event.