Healing requires restoring trust in yourself and tapping into your strengths and inner wisdom.  Therapy can help you to experience your creativity, reconnect with all of your senses, and, reclaim your true self.

Despite challenges in life you and your loved ones can grow and thrive.  I am a true believer in each person’s innate capacity for, and natural progression towards, healing.  My therapy approach celebrates each person’s individuality.  My goal is to restore hope, power, and control to you.

Since 2005, I have helped people from the age of two to seventy-two re-invigorate their lives.   Clinical services include family, and individual therapy.  Specialized therapy approaches and modalities include AUTPLAY,  EMDR therapy, Family Therapy, Play Therapy,  and Sand Tray Therapy.  Each approach used is grounded in evidenced-based processes and/or research-informed practice.

Please give me a call at 816-470-9023.  We will talk briefly to see if I might be able to help; or, for an appropriate referral for you that best matches your needs.